Pharmaceutical logistics

One of the most complicated barriers facing the pharmaceutical manufacturers at entering the Ukrainian market is to comply with quality requirements for logistic processes (GDP – good distribution practice). We break down barriers and assume responsibility over logistics management.

We provide our partners with the following specific areas of integrated pharmaceutical logistics:

  • technical import of drugs;
  • incoming quality inspection of drugs;
  • international coordination of logistics processes;
  • consignment storage;
  • 4PL logistics provider service;
  • logistics for clinical trials;
  • establishing an effective protection system to prevent pharmaceutical supply chains against penetration of fake drugs;
  • disposal of drugs that do not meet quality requirements.

We can be helpful to:

  • foreign and local pharmaceutical companies;
  • representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers who intend to import drugs on their own;
  • importers and distributors of healthcare associated industries (aesthetic, dental) aiming to add medicines to their portfolio;
  • clinic hospitals that use rare/uncommon drugs for Ukraine in their medical practice.


You can get more detailed consultation by writing us a short request or by calling the number below.

4PL logistics service provider

4PL provider – is an integrated contracting company acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer and one or more of its partners

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Consignment warehouse

Consignment warehouse or how to save money on price, working capital and logistics costs

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Logistics of clinical trials

Over the past few years, Ukraine has become one of key locations for clinical trials performed by international pharmaceutical companies

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Disposal of medicines and pharmaceutical waste

Medical waste like syringes, expired drugs, waste materials of surgical operations, dressings, ampoules, bottles, etc.,– is classified as a hazardous waste

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