Registration of cosmetic products

Cosmetic products include the following products:

  • care products (creams, serums, masks, balms, lotions, tonics, etc.)
  • decorative cosmetics;
  • children’s cosmetics, as well as cosmetics for childcare;
  • cosmeceuticals (depending on the content and availability of the relevant recommendations);
  • hair care products (shampoos, masks, oils, conditioners, etc.)
  • skin cleansing products (shower gels, soaps, foams, scrubs, etc.)


For importing and sale of cosmetic products, it is necessary to pass the registration procedure and obtain conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination (Health Inspection Services). Such conclusions are issued by State Consumer Service.

The cosmetics is registered in two stages: documentary expertise and testing of samples. The function of carrying out an expertise is assigned to the accredited specialized organizations.

Registration period from the moment of submission of documentation and samples is around 4 weeks.

As a result of registration, a conclusion is issued with a validity period of 5 years.

Archimedes Company has considerable experience in registration of cosmetic products and is ready to offer you registration on the “turnkey” basis, as well as necessary additional services:

  • preparation of labeling text according to the applicable regulatory acts;
  • translation and notarial copying of documentation;
  • accompanying during importing samples for registration.

As well as the whole range of counselling.

You can get more detailed consultation by writing us a short request or by calling the number below.