Pharmaceutical logistics

Disposal of medicines and pharmaceutical waste

Another essential element of effective integrated pharmaceutical logistics is establishing a modern system of pharmaceutical waste management, because improperly disposed pharmaceutical waste can lead not only to deterioration of human health and living conditions, but also to deterioration of environment and epidemiological situation in the regions and the country.

Medical waste like syringes, expired drugs, waste materials of surgical operations, dressings, ampoules, bottles, etc.,– is classified as a hazardous waste.

Moreover, all medical waste is considered as hazardous or highly hazardous. Its disposing should be taking very seriously. As they constitute epidemiological risk of contamination. One gram of medical waste contains 300 times more microorganisms than household ones.

Cooperating with our company, you will dispose medical waste in full compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On waste”. After waste is disposed, you are provided with a full package of documents required for reporting to state authorities. This is extremely easy: one agreement and the problem for disposing of hazardous medical waste does not exist any longer.

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