Opinion | Donor Names on a Border Wall

Written by Petraxxer Январь 23, 2020 0 comment

To the Editor:

Here’s a modest proposal for President Trump’s search for funding for his border wall with Mexico that might both satisfy the desire of the president and his immigration followers and still protect the federal budget. Indeed I am surprised that this solution has not been suggested by the outstanding business people among his supporters.

Rather than raid the federal budget for the funds to build the wall, why not adopt a long-used program of cities, states, universities and others that have raised funds by the sale of building bricks and recognition plaques with the names of donors?

In this fashion, Mr. Trump’s wealthy followers can happily contribute the funds to build the wall by having sections named in their honor. Their names can be permanently inscribed so that future Americans can examine the wall and know of their contributions to the security of the United States, resulting in a wall for the president at no cost to our country.


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