Pharmaceutical logistics

4PL logistics service provider

4PL provideris an integrated contracting company acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer and one or more of its partners. 4PL provider has a high level of involving in client’s business processes. He is the only link between manufacturer and/or supplier, various logistics service providers and end customer. He manages all client supply chain processes, including courier, forwarding and warehousing services. In addition, 4PL provider will perform management of the 3PL providers whose services his client uses.

The list of 4PL provider services encompasses as well:

  • warehousing
  • shipment of products from warehouse to the end customer
  • administering and managing of inventories
  • consignment warehousing service

In course of supply chain managing there appears a lot of inspection points at all its stages:

  • picking and administering of supplier/manufacturer order
  • arranging of delivery to Ukraine
  • import recording and customs clearance procedures in Ukraine
  • warehousing operations: acceptance; receipt of goods for storage; picking of orders (client’s orders, if you ship  the goods directly to customer from warehouse, and internal ones, if the products from warehouse is sent to sales area of a store); transfer of a set from warehouse to store or delivery service
  • shipment to the end customer and delivery operations: transfer of goods to the client; should goods be not delivered, they are supplied back to the warehouse.

If you are lacking experience and competence in these processes or you do not want to divert your resources for controlling over these processes – we can facilitate managing of all supply chain stages.

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