Pharmaceutical logistics

Logistics of clinical trials

Over the past few years, Ukraine has become one of key locations for clinical trials performed by international pharmaceutical companies. As the world practice shows, the specific features of the current Ukrainian legislation, the existing procedures of customs clearance, certification of drugs and biomaterials that are imported into to Ukraine, establish high quality requirements for logistics support of such trials. The logistics of clinical trials is an activity targeted at effective management of materials and associated flows (information and financial) at all stages of preclinical and clinical trials in order to optimize costs and time, as well as to facilitate the most efficient use of resources and the compliance with quality standards for these studies.

The main goals of clinical trials logistics that we can facilitate:

  • Customs clearance of materials for preclinical and clinical trials and receipt of permits for import / export of drugs and biomaterials
  • Transportation of drugs and biomaterials in due time and in compliance with the appropriate requirements
  • Rendering of quality services for storing of drugs and biomaterials designed for pre-clinical and clinical trials
  • Financial and information support of materials forwarding in course of preclinical and clinical trials
  • Diagnostics, assessment and management of logistics risks within pre-clinical and clinical studies

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