Promotion: Programs for cooperation with medical representatives

Due to a number of limitations for advertising of medicines and certain health care products, one of the most effective methods for establishing business contacts, as well as conveying information on the effectiveness of products, is professional communication of a medical representative directly with doctors and medical institutions.
Currently, the profession of a Medical Representative is considered to be of high demand and well paid, therefore for one-time or seasonal promotional programs it is not always appropriate to headhunt and hire full-time employees for full salary.

To optimize the expenses and human resources necessary for carrying out promotional campaigns, you can use our service of outstaffing. Medical representatives of Archimedes Medical perform their work in two directions:

  • promotion of medicines, medical products and cosmetics of the OTC segment (“over the counter”);
  • promotion of prescription and hospital medicines.

To implement loyalty programs of recommending experts, we offer the following services:

  • outsourcing of medical representatives;
  • development of visits plan;
  • carrying out of trainings;
  • monitoring and control of activities;
  • systematization of feedback data.

Also, we will eagerly assist you in:
– organizing participation in specialized exhibitions;
– development of the programs of establishing/enhancing loyalty of recommending experts (doctors, pharmacists, opinion leaders);
– carrying out promotions in pharmacies, sampling, merchandising, educational and informational programs for pharmacists;
– organization of professional events for doctors, pharmacists, cosmetologists and other stakeholders;
– carrying out of seminars and trainings for the employees of distributing companies (distributors).

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